If you feel God may be leading you to join us here at VOF, I'm sure you have some questions. We do our best to answer any questions you may have at our Impact Class. We normally offer these classes on the first Saturday morning of each quarter, though it is sometimes necessary to shift due to other scheduled events that could not be moved to other dates.

Impact Class is FREE, and is the step one takes to find out more about VOF prior to joining the church. Answers are provided to various topics like:

1.  What does VOF believe?
2.  How do I volunteer for a ministry?
3.  How are VOF's finances handled?
4.  What is a "Pastoral Care Group" at VOF?
5.  How do I join the church?
...and MORE!

We also want to answer your questions. If there is something that has been on your mind about our services, beliefs, business practices, etc, this is the place to ask. These classes are normally led by Pastor Ron Pledger, though, given schedule availability, you will meet other staff members as well.

Simple breakfast refreshments are provided, so registration PER PERSON is important to receive a head count. Lunch will not be served.

To register, simply click the black button below and you will be directed to our registration page. The process is very easy and fast.

‚ÄčThere is a class minimum of 6 persons that must be registered, or the class will be postponed.

Thank you for your interest in Village of Faith. We look forward to serving alongside you as the Holy Spirit leads. See you there!